Our Unique "Build-Process" - Method of Office Planning and Design

Framerz Inc. has years of experience in the industry. Our unique building processes allow us to achieve maximum quality by guarding the integrity of the original concept throughout the entire project. This process eliminates the step-by-step approach used in traditional architect/contractor building modes and replaces it with a unified approach that involves all facets of the project simultaneously. By centrally coordinating all processes and doing them at the same time whenever possible, our method also eliminates conflicts and communication gaps that can lead to scheduling and budget overruns. It ensures a smooth interface among all aspects of building, planning and design, right through to construction and completion.

Quality Homes

In order to reduce inefficiencies and allow builders to focus their time and energy on other aspects of work site maintenance, we provide a stable labour force that will ensure the project is completed on time and with superior quality.


We at Framerz Inc. take pride in the safety standards that all our employees and contractors uphold. Since the formation of our company, we have implemented and maintain our safety program.

Precut Walls and Floor System

Pre-cut, marked out, bundled in banded packages, compact easy to move/store with every component double cut, nailed and in order for easy installation.

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